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TaqMan® Array MicroRNA Cards

MiRna biomarker discovery & validation.
The TaqMan® Array Human MicroRNA Card Set v3.0 is a two card set that enables accurate quantitation of 754 human microRNAs. Our staff members have experience in low- and high-level analysis of MiRna TLDA cards data and can support research projects aimed at the discovery of new MiRna biomarkers. Target prediction analysis and prioritization of target screening.

Gene Expression Value Package

From experimental planning to publication.
Get experienced support in any phase of your genomic research. Thanks to our partnership with top european technology providers, we can offer very competitive pricing. Save time and money and take advantage of our value package including Illumina arrays hybridization, full data analysis, and support to interpretation of the results.

Affymetrix & Illumina Microarrays

The shortest route to your genomic research.
Full IT and data analysis support for all the major commercial gene expression and genotyping microarray platforms. Gene level signal extraction, normalization, arrays QC, genes and samples clustering, PCA, two or more classes comparison, prediction analysis and pathway analysis. Detailed reporting of the results including publication grade pictures and tables.